Welcome to Dzanga Sangha !

Sadly the situation in Central African Republic furthermore is so precarious that the Foreign Office urgently advises against travels into ZAR, including Dzanga-Sangha.

Situated in the Northern part of the Congo basin, the Dzanga Sangha Protected Areas (APDS) are internationally known for their beautiful rainforests, host to a remarkable diversity of wildlife, comprising western lowland gorillas, forest elephants, bongo antelopes, forest buffalos and a multitude of bird species. Furthermore, a rich local culture, comprising the Sangha Sangha fishermen as well as hunting and gathering BaAka, are present in the area. Apart from conservation and local development efforts, Dzanga Sangha operates as an eco-tourism and research centre. A variety of well developed tourism activities and a beautiful hotel complex, overlooking the Sangha River, are at your disposal. 

Sharing borders with Cameroun and Congo, the Dzanga Sangha Protected Areas are part of the Trinational Sangha (TNS) complex, currently in the process to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Roundtrips to the other National Parks (Lobéké in Cameroun and Nouabalé Ndoki in Congo) can be organized with ease.

Please navigate through the menu on the left to obtain information about the Central African Republic, the Dzanga Sangha Protected Area Complex, its local culture, main animal species, as well the variety of tourist activities offered.
A download section is located above, providing information about the actual tariffs, tourism brochures, a slideshow with a variety of photos taken in the area, as well as a contact form that you can use to make bookings or in case you have additional questions.

Dzanga Sangha has a long tradition in research. In the right hand section you’ll find all information related to past and ongoing research. The primate habituation program has its own section where a manifold of information is at your disposal. In case you are interested in volunteering please refer to this section before sending your application.

We hope you enjoy the virtual tour and are pleased to welcome you here in Bayanga soon!

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