Bokata (Copyright by Nagleique Todd)At just over two years of age, Bokata (* January 2006) is still defined an infant. He is a small, long-limbed, skinny gorilla, with thin hair on his head and a long nose resembling his mother, Mopambi and older siblings, Etefi, and Mai. At a young age, he seemed to be suffereing from some kind of skin fungus, and was thus named ‘Bokata’ a type of forest mushroom. A hyper-active, confident and inquisitive young male, Bokata has already begun to make his bid for independence from Mopambi. He is often captivated by his human observers and, when his mother’s not watching, will creep forward to get a better look. He likes to clap his hands and walk bipedally and actively plays with both younger and older individuals of the group. Bokata is developing rapidly, and is fast catching up with Mossoko Abuli. He very recently begun to spend significant periods of time away from his mother, and is already showing a magnetic attraction towards his father’s side, often hurriedly trying to keep up with his long strides.