Bombe (adult female number 1)

Bombe, with Mobangi investigating what she was eating (Copyright by David Rouge)The largest and most dominant of the females, she can be sufficiently intimidating even in the absence of Makumba. Despite her nature, she is quite an attractive female gorilla with a wide, flared nose and a permanently round stomach (Bombe being a very round, hard forest fruit). Her hair is light coloured and fine, particularly around the head, neck and shoulders. The most 'volcanic' and temperamental of the family, Bombe can within minutes, exhibit both aggressive and remarkably accepting/calm behaviour. A very protective mother, particularly with her youngest infant, Mobangui, and is often seen rescuing him from overly-boisterous play sessions, or restraining him from clambering about in the tree canopy. She is also very possessive of Makumba and is most often seen in close proximity to him. Already the successful mother of three, Silo, Essekerende, and Mobangui (link to each), she will no doubt to continue to be a source of contention!