Doli Lodge Hotel

For accommodation in the Reserve the hotel complex Doli Lodge is at your disposal. It is located in approximately 1 km distance to Bayanga at a very beautiful site on the banks of the Sangha river. It is functional and aesthetic without being overly luxurious. You will find all comforts needed to feel at ease.

Room tariffs range from 20 Euros a night for a simple bamboo hut with mosquito netting, to approximately 100 Euros a night for a bungalow shared by two persons, with a terrace overlooking the river. Meals, which are not included in the room prices, are served on the main terrace with magnificent view of the Sangha river, or in the forest in case of lengthy excursions.

In order to be able to appreciate the comforts of a tropical night, a cozy salon-bar awaits you in the evenings.

You are at the starting point for the tourism activities offered and organized by the Visitors’ Center, which is located in 200m distance from Doli Lodge.