Doli Lodge

This hotel complex is found on the wooded banks of the river. It is constructed of wooden buildings, most raised above the ground on stilts. The living quarters have a terrace with view of the river and are equipped with a bathroom and a fan. This is no "great luxury", but you will find all the necessary comforts to recuperate after your activities in the Reserve and to pass a pleasurable moment.

The kitchen, serving the restaurant on a terrace above of the river, is tasty and serves elaborate European and African dishes, using local products where possible. On order, a buffet can be prepared of local Africans dishes. You can choose between different dishes of cassava, liana leaves, nuts, peanut butter as well as different types of meat and fish. If need be, cold meals can be prepared for forest excursions.

At sundown, one sometimes has the chance to see hippos from the restaurant terrace, before they leave the water for the pastures on the marshy banks of the tributaries.