Essekerende (Copyright by Chloe Cipolletta)Essekerende (born in March 2003, juvenile male), named after a forest fruit, has an instantly recognisable body profile; he has a large round belly, a small round head and short stick-thin limbs. His face is covered with character-giving lines and he has a nose not unlike his mother’s, Bombe, and older brother’s, Silo, but with an even more obviously flat and wide shape. His hair is fluffy and messy, and has a reddish tinge. A confident, easy-going and inquisitive individual, not in the least concerned with the presence of observers. He is fully independent from his mother and is most often found with his playmate Mossoko Abuli or following Makumba’s shadow. He shares with his mother a passion for food and is always seemingly chomping down on some fruit or termites.