Kunga (copyright by Angelique Todd)Kunga (estim. date of birth 1999, sub-adult/ blackback male) is the oldest offspring. He is the only blackback in the group, but he still has mostly a juvenile body size and shape. He has always been the most darkly-coloured individual in the group with thick, seemingly well-groomed hair (Kunga meaning ‘hairy/black’). His face is mostly smooth and lacks any obviously distinguishing lines. An infant when the group was first found, Kunga is the only mother-less offspring in the group, Mopatapata leaving in 2006 after the death of her infant. Kunga has since grown up to take a strong supporting role to Makumba, at times both leading and protecting others, and is even developing an adult male 'strut'. He is spending an increasing amount of time away peripheral to the group, exploring and foraging on his own. Nevertheless he can frequently be located by his hoom-humming singing as brings up the rear of the group. Despite his progression into adulthood, he is still, nonetheless, one of the most playful group members, and is capable of rousing even Makumba into a frenzy of pig-grunting, wind-milling and play-boxing.