Mio, one of the most distinguishable gorillas in the group (Copyright by David Rouge)Mio (estimated date of birth 2001, juvenile/ sub-adult female) meaning “nose” in the BaAka language, is named after the distinctive line she possesses across her nose, making her the most recognisable member of the group. She is rather black with the bulky build of her mother, Malui. Mio at the age of six, sits approximately in the middle of all the juveniles and as a consequence is never quite included in the exploration parties of her older siblings, but is often too old to play with her younger siblings. As a result, she is often seen at her mother’s side. She shares her mother’s confident, sometimes prickly character, and stands her ground in disputes. Since the birth of her youngest brother, she is now fully occupied following her mother and trying to hold Mowane whenever she can.