Bachelor’s or master’s level students seeking to gain experience in conservation biology, primatology and/or zoology are encouraged to apply. Opportunities to conduct small, independent thesis projects are available providing that studies can be carried out alongside habituation work and that research questions are in-line with the philosophies of the PHP and DSP. Previous field experience would be extremely valuable, though openings can be considered entry-level and a 'stepping stone' for someone who is serious about a career in conservation, field research and/or wildlife eco-tourism. Additionally, candidates are required to be motivated, responsible, flexible, mature and amicable, with an ability to work as part of a multi-national team. Knowledge of French is extremely useful, though a commitment to learn the local Bantu language, Sango, may suffice. Emergency evacuation insurance is mandatory (e.g., S.O.S. Insurance co.). Candidates are required to seek independent funding (to cover flight, short and long-term visa, food and email costs).