Silo, left the group in December 2007 (Copyright by Michelle Klailova)Silo (estimated date of birth 2000, juvenile/ sub-adult male, left the group in Dec. 2007 ) has a round body, with fluffy hair. His nose is wide and flat, with a distinctive indentation in its centre, filled with three wavy lines. Like his mother, Bombe, his coat is distinctly lighter in colour than the other older juveniles. His name means “alone” in the local BaAka language, after the fact that he was frequently found motherless, only in the company of Makumba, when the teams first started really observing the group (2003). A boisterous yet bashful character, Silo often terrorised the younger members of the group with his rough play. He was frequently seen initiating play with others, often by slapping the ground, a tree or the individual, and then running off play-grunting or head-bobbing. Although most likely just a year younger than Kunga, he was absolutely still young at heart and was one of the most inquisitive members of the group.