Visiting Bai Hokou

Activities available at Bai Hokou, consist of: Western Lowland Gorilla tracking, Agile Mangabey tracking, and a Bai Tour. Individual fitness levels may limit the activities available, depending on their ability to walk long distances, and their tolerance of elephants, dense vegetation, and insects such as sweat bees. Arrangements to visit Bai Hokou can be made through several tour operators, at, or directly at the Welcome Centre in Bayanga Lodging is not available at Bai Hokou camp; visitors can find lodging at either Doli Lodge or the local auberges in Bayanga. Visitors wishing to see the gorillas are recommended to book in advance with a minimum of 2 nights stay. Personnel at the Welcome centre can organise other activities in the Park or Reserve, such as BaAka Net Hunting and Palm Wine tours.

  • Gorillas: At present visitors have the unique opportunity to observe the Makumba group, one of only two habituated western lowland gorilla groups in existence across their range. Limitations on age, health, fitness, and group size are strictly enforced for both the safety of the visitors and the gorillas.
  • Agile Mangabeys: This exceptionally large group of Agile Mangabeys at Bai Hokou has been followed since 2004. Individuals of the group now tolerate human presence to within 5-10m, permitting close and un-interrupted observation of their behaviour. The agile mangabey one of the most poorly known species of monkey in Central Africa.
  • Bai Tour: Ranging in size, vegetation and animal life, salines or “bais” are characteristic of the region. At Bai Hokou, it is possible to go on a scenic tour of several of the larger bais found in the area. Bais attract a diverse array of otherwise elusive forest wildlife, with a little chance, providing excellent observation opportunities of: forest elephants, forest buffalo, bongos, red river hogs, giant forest hogs, sitatunga, and a variety of birds.