The Western Lowland Gorilla

The elusive and little known western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) inhabits the dense tropical forests of 6 African countries: Nigeria, Cameroon, Central African Republic (CAR), Republic of Congo, Gabon, and Equatorial Guinea. Despite being the most numerous and widespread gorilla species (generally estimated at 110,000 individuals but see Western Lowland Gorilla Biology), they are currently listed as critically endangered. Their main threats include disease, habitat loss, and the bushmeat trade. In the last decade, Ebola Haemorrhagic Fever alone has killed over 5000 western gorillas (Odzala, Congo), and most certainly presents the largest threat to their existence today.

Mlima, the first western gorilla to be fully-habituated (Copyright by Chloé Cipolletta)