Your journey by airplane

Bayanga has an airstrip consisting of a very good laterite runway of 1,4km length. To get there you have to rent a propeller aircraft. This can be done in Bangui (CAR), Yaounde and Douala (Cameroon), as well as in Libreville (Gabon). The closest international airport is Bangui, 520 km from Bayanga.

Currently, there are 3 flights per week from Europe:

  - One direct flight from Paris to Bangui operated by Air France, arriving at Bangui Thursdays
     at 5.30 am
  - Two flights via Tripoli, operated by Afriqiyah Airways, arriving at Bangui Sundays and
     Wednesdays at 11.30 pm.    Destinations in Europe currently are Paris, London, Brussels
    and Düsseldorf.
  - Douala and Yaoundé are well connected with Europe with flights taking place on a daily
    basis. There are two airlines that offer flights from Douala/Yaoundé to Bangui: Toumai (Air
    Tchad) and TAAG (Angola).

To reach Bangui by car takes 2 to 3 days from Yaoundé and a four-wheel drive is highly recommended.

The following table provides information on prices for flights from Bangui to Bayanga (prices quoted here are merely indicative and are not binding). 


Flight Company

Type of Airplane

Number of seats (passangers)

Outward-  /Return flight
Lump sum*

Aviation sans Frontières (ASF)**


690 Euro
= 453.000 FCFA


1.525 Euro
= 1.000.000 FCFA

Aéroclub Bangui M’Poko

Cessna 182 3 915 Euro
= 600.000 FCFA

T.: 00236 610091

Cessna 5 2.150 Euro
= 1.410.000 FCFA
Cessna 404 9 2.744 Euro
= 1.800.000 FCFA
Dornier  Do 288 18 On demand

*) Price for aircraft rental for each outward and return flight. .Prices indicated are only valid without stay in Bayanga (in other words upon immediate return to Bangui). In case of a stay in Bayanga, the full price is charged again for the return flight to Bangui. Thus, the prices indicated in the table have to be multiplied by two in order to arrive at the final cost..
**) These airplanes are reserved for NGOs (e.g. WWF) and are not available for tour operators or tourists traveling individually.