In the Project, WWF addresses the objective "safeguarding fauna and protected areas". More than 40 eco-guards lead the struggle against poaching. The exceptional densities of forest elephants and buffalos, antelopes, gorillas and chimpanzees not only attract tourists, but also poachers. Apart from conservation, WWF is also active in eco-tourism, biological monitoring and gorilla habituation. WWF receives funds from a number of different donors, grouped under the "Sangha - Regenwald-Stiftung" (the Sangha Rainforest Foundation). This foundation is funded by endowments from the Krombacher brewery rainforest initiative. This was a joint enterprise instigated by both Krombacher and WWF. With WWF as an intermediary the foundation's first capital remunerations are now being made use of in Bayanga. The Dzanga-Sangha project benefits from the support of several WWF national organisations. Those of note are: WWF-Netherlands, WWF-US, and WWF International / Switzerland. Currently WWF employs in Bayanga 4 international experts (consultants) and approximately 70 nationals, the eco-guards making-up the majority.

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