Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

 WCS, on the one hand, manages the Nouabale-Ndoki Park in the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) and thus is a cooperative partner within the tri-national agreement. There are regular meetings between the technical advisors and researchers of the Sangha Trinational Reserve (TNS). On the other hand WCS finances the work of Andrea Turkulo, a researcher specialised in forest elephants. She has been working in Dzanga National Park for more than 16 years and goes to Dzanga Bai (forest clearing) practically every day to count and identify the elephants. To date more than 4000 forest elephants have been identified with the help of distinguishing characteristics such as rips or other injuries to their ears, the form (shape and size) of their tusks etc.. Some of these 4000 elephants have consistently visited the Dzanga saline over the years, while others have shown up in a more sporadic fashion with variable intervals between visits, to feed on the minerals and the clayey soil, but also to meet their conspecifics. All individuals have been documented in a photographical database. The work of this researcher once again exemplifies the particular importance of this reserve for forest elephants. There is no other saline known in the world that is frequented by so many different elephants. It is also the only known place where 50 to 100 elephants can be found daily at the same time in one clearing. Andrea Turkulo has made several of her photographs available to the project for the present webpage, as well as helped editing the website text on forest animals. We would like to thank her especially for her valuable help and for the photographs.

Website: http://wcs.org