Agile Mangabey Morphology

One of the habituated male agile mangabeys at Bai Hokou (Copyright by Angelique Todd)Agile mangabeys are medium-sized semi-terrestrial monkeys, with a grey to olive coat and short, fine hair. The underbelly and inner limbs are paler in colour, ranging from white to cream. The back, tail and outer limbs are tinged with darker hair, ranging from light grey to charcoal. The crown is tinged with darker as well as golden hair. A parting on the forehead exposes a small patch of light-coloured skin and forms a projecting brow tuft. Males (7-12 kg) are generally twice the size of females (5-7 kg). Individuals can be difficult to distinguish but may be recognised by their suite of injuries and scars (most often on the tail, limbs and genitals), as well as their size, coat colour and behaviour.