Etefi (Copyright by Angelique Todd)Etefi (estimated date of birth 2000, sub-adult/ adult female) was named after a small forest shrub, and has a slim build and long legs identical to her mother Mopambi. Her face is very characteristic with strongly-indented cheeks and small eyes with two diagonal lines under each. Her 'sideburns' of thin, light-coloured hair can be the most useful characteristics when distinguishing her. Like her mother, Etefi is predominantly calm, quiet and reserved. However, under the influence of her brothers Kunga, and in the past, Silo, she can become very boisterous and playful. She often greets the habituation team upon arrival with a simple short grunt, and quite happily remains in their presence unperturbed. Etefi is on the cusp of adulthood and, like Kunga, has become increasingly independent. She has already left the group twice following group interactions with lone silverbacks but subsequently returned. However, it will only be a matter of time before she leaves her family permanently.