Rules for Visitors to Bai Hokou

  1. Visitors to the gorillas must be 16 years and older
  2. To help prevent disease transmission, sick persons will not be allowed to visit the gorillas or the managbeys.
  3. Group size is limited to three visitors, twice per day.
  4. Visits to the gorillas and mangabeys are limited to 1 hour.
  5. Visitors must always closely follow the instructions set by the guide or trackers to ensure safety of the visitor and animals. Visitors must remain behind the habituation team at all times. Any person deemed to disregard these instructions will be asked to return to the camp without refund.
  6. To minimise stress on the animals and reduce the risks of disease transmission, a distance of 7m from the animals is strictly enforced.
  7. Flash photography is not allowed with the gorillas or mangabeys.
  8. To reduce the risk of disease transmission, we ask that visitors avoid defecating, vomiting and spitting in the forest. Visitors needing to sneeze or cough in the presence of the gorillas must use a handkerchief or clothing to cover their nose and mouth.
  9. All items brought into the forest must return with the visitor. Littering is strictly not permitted.
  10. Visitors participating in Bai Hokou activities do so entirely at their own risk.